All of Us at Bethany Care appreciate the time you take to provide feedback. While we strive to provide a quality service always we understand that we may not get everything right all the time. Our participants matter to us.


We appreciate if you can tell us how good or how bad we are doing and we want to here from you no matter whether its praise or complaint.


Let us know how we are doing no matter what.

It is ok to make a complaint. No one will be upset

To help us continually improve our services, it is important for participants and their advocates to speak up about their concerns.  We view all complaints positively and regard them as valuable opportunities to improvement.  Any complaints will be listened to and managed with respect for the rights of all people involved.

A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction with any aspect of the services provided by Bethany.


A complaint can be made by phone (07 55510276), written submission, email, or verbally during conversation with Bethany staff.

Complaints info pack 



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